Leducq Immunomodulation Network (LINK): Immune Modulation of Cardiovascular Disease

European Coordinator:
  • Seppo YLÄ-HERTTUALA, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio
North American Coordinator:
  • Joseph WITZTUM, University of California, San Diego (USA)
  • Inder VERMA, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla (USA)
  • Christopher GLASS, University of California, San Diego (USA)
  • Alain TEDGUI, INSERM U689, Hôpital Lariboisière, Paris (France)
  • Bernd BINDER, University of Vienna (Austria)
  • Christoph BINDER, University of Vienna (Austria)
  • Chantal BOULANGER, INSERM U689, Paris (France)
  • M. John CHAPMAN, INSERM U551, Paris (France)
  • Godfrey S. GETZ, University of Chicago (USA)
  • Ziad MALLAT, INSERM U689, Paris (France)
  • Yury MILLER, University of California, San Diego (USA)
  • Catherine REARDON, University of Chicago (USA)
  • Sotiros TSIMIKAS, University of California, San Diego (USA)

Lowering cholesterol (particularly LDL) levels helps to prevent atherosclerosis, the build up of fatty deposits in artery walls. The growth of these deposits, if unchecked, can cause a heart attack or stroke.  Research has recently focused also on the role of inflammation, and the immune system, in this process.  Network investigators are setting out to characterize this role, and to investigate novel treatments developed in light of the knowledge gained about immune disease, such as vaccines to prevent atherosclerosis.