Capillary pericytes regulate cerebral blood flow in health and disease

Nature, 2014 Apr 3;508(7494):55-60.

The full listing of authors and their affiliations for this paper is as follows:
Catherine N. Hall1, Clare Reynell1, Bodil Gesslein2, Nicola B. Hamilton1, Anusha Mishra1, Brad A. Sutherland3, Fergus M. O’Farrell1, Alastair M. Buchan3, Martin Lauritzen2 and David Attwell1.

Nature, 2014 Apr 3;508(7494):55-60.

1Department of Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology, University College London, Gower St., London, WC1E 6BT, UK

 2Department of Neuroscience & Pharmacology and Center for Healthy Aging, and Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, Glostrup Hospital, University of Copenhagen, DK-2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark 

3Acute Stroke Programme, Radcliffe Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, Oxford, OX3 9DU, UK

Supported by the Fondation Leducq, European Research Council, Wellcome Trust, UK Medical Research Council, Nordea Foundation via Center for Healthy Aging, the Lundbeck Foundation, NOVO-Nordisk Foundation and Danish Medical Research Council.